Doggy Hotel Liverpool

A luxury 21 bedroom dog hotel in Liverpool - available 7 days a week and manned 24 hours.

About Our Doggy Hotel Service in Liverpool

Our doggy hotel in Liverpool is more a like a holiday resort for your fury babies. We provide fun, care and cuddles all day, everyday.

Of an evening your dogs are either taken home for home boarding or remain at our doggy hotel where they will sleep in their very own pod. Your dogs will have breakfast between 7am and 8.30pm then go to the park or beach if they are booked on. Others will take advantage of the four play areas we have available until 1pm when the dogs will then have nap time until 3pm. We play again and have dinner and then it’s cuddles until bedtime at 9.30pm.


Dog hotel for £27.50 while home boarding is from £32-£40.

How to Book

Call our office and we will reserve your dates for you where you will then be invited to the dog hotel for a day visit.


Deposits are not refundable.

Call 0151 427 2760