What Our Day Care and Groomers Have Been up to This May

Friday 9th June 2023

It’s time for the latest news round-up from Faye’s Doggy Boutique! Here’s what our daycare and groomers have been up to this May…

It’s been a few months since our latest update, but as always, we’ve been busy pampering the pups and ensuring they’re well looked after, whether at our daycare centre or with our experienced groomer. In the last few weeks, we’ve celebrated more birthdays, started a ‘Day in the Life’ series, published a Q&A video, and ensured more of our doggy guests enjoyed a five-star grooming treatment.

So without further ado, let’s dive in!

Celebrating Two May Birthdays

What better way to start than by talking about the birthdays we celebrated in May? Firstly, the handsome Hugo turned the big 1! Hugo began as a nervous boy when he first joined us at day care, but he has slowly come out of his shell. He’s an absolute sweetheart, and we love seeing him every week. Then there is Penny, a gorgeous girl with a sweet, loving, gentle personality. She’s just turned 2! We had a lovely time celebrating both birthdays under the glorious weather we recently had.

A Day in the Life at Day Care

Introducing A Day in the Life, a new video series we’ve started on Instagram! This series offers an exclusive glimpse inside our daycare centre, where you can see what your pups have been up to. We’ve started with Oscar, an energetic cutie who enjoyed meeting up with his friends, burning off energy and getting pampered. We think he was less thrilled about the surprise grooming, though… Let us know if you want to see your pup’s day next!

Watch our Day in the Life video on Instagram

Doggy Daycare Q&A Part 1

We know you have lots and lots of questions about doggy daycare, so we’ve posted a video running through part one of some of your most popular questions. In this first part, we answer questions like how easy it is to get into dog grooming and daycare, what’s surprising about working in daycare, breeds that surprised us the most, and more.

Watch our Doggy Daycare Q&A Part 1 video on Instagram

Now it may look like filming this video went off without a hitch, but with loads of needy, energetic and funny dogs around us, it was anything but! So, of course, we had to share the blooper reel with you all!

Watch our Q&A Bloopers video on Instagram

Pups That Got a Fresh Cut in May

Our dog groomer was busy this month getting the pups looking fresh for the summer months. Some of our customers included the adorable Sydney, the dynamic duo Izzy and Angus, and the lovely Louie and Ella. Some of them were a bit more impressed than others!

The Best Pictures From May

You know the drill, we have to finish our news round-up with the best pictures from the month, which is always the most challenging task! But we’ve somehow selected some of our favourite images of our very photogenic pups. Check the gallery out below!

If it’s not obvious, our centre is THE best and most fun place for dogs in Liverpool! So, why don’t you let your dog get involved in the action? Contact us today to book dog daycare or dog grooming with Faye’s Doggy Boutique.