Your September News Round-up From Faye’s Doggy Boutique

Tuesday 27th September 2022

The cold and wet weather has started to come to Liverpool, but that hasn’t stopped the dogs from having fun! Keep reading to see our September news round-up and learn what our team and the dogs have been up to.

After a lovely few weeks of lots of sun and clear skies, it looks like the weather is beginning to take a turn for the worst! However, the typical British weather is no match for us and our adorable guests. We’ve been making the most of our sheltered outdoor areas and indoor facilities to keep the pups warm and dry. This month we’ve celebrated several birthdays, including our own!

September Birthday Celebrations

September was a month to remember for birthdays. We celebrated Troy’s birthday and just had to take a few pictures of the dogs in their hats. Why is there something so cute about a dog in a party hat?! Some of the dogs liked the hats more than others… We even got to celebrate a human’s birthday. Jess turned the big 30!

Fill Out Our Information Form

We are currently updating our records and require more information about our guests. If your dog currently visits day care, we would appreciate it if you take some time to complete our new online form. The form should take a few minutes to complete and will ensure we continue providing the best possible care and service to all our dogs. You will need a picture or copy of your dog’s vaccination card on hard when filling out the form. Thank you!

Click here to fill out the vaccination form.

Celebrating Our Third Birthday

We turned 3 earlier this month! Reflecting on the last 3 years is crazy. In a way, we feel like we’ve been doing this a lot longer, but at the same time, it’s flown by! Taking over this business took over our lives, but definitely for the better. Seeing how much we’ve done in just 3 years makes us very proud. Going into lockdown and closing the business 6 months in wasn’t what we expected, but we got through it! Since then, we have opened our own groomers, created a large indoor area, and improved both outdoor areas for the pups. We’ve held Halloween parties, Christmas jumper days, birthday parties, and a stall at a Dog Show too!

We’ve got so many amazing memories with the dogs and over 70,000 photos stored! We’re proud of the fab team we’ve built and couldn’t be happier with the group of girls looking after all your pooches. Jess, Amy, Sophie and Chloe are the best staff we could ask for. And of course, we can’t forget Alex, who helps us all massively behind the scenes and is a huge part of the business.

Thank you all for being the most amazing customers. You’re honestly all the best, and we love the relationship we have with each and every one of you.

We’ve put together a short celebration video on Instagram.

The Best Snaps This Month

What better way to celebrate our anniversary than by highlighting some of our best snaps for September? As always, it’s impossible to narrow down a selection of these photogenic pups to just 8 images – but we’ve done our best! This month we’ve picked some excellent solo shots of the dogs looking their regal and goofy selves.