April 2022 Round-Up: What We’ve Been up to This Month

Wednesday 27th April 2022

Ready for another news-round up from Faye’s Doggy Boutique? Because we are!

During April, our doggy guests enjoyed lots of Easter fun and were even treated to a special visit from the Easter Bunny, who spoiled them with some delicious snacks for the occasion! With the sun cracking the flags, the dogs also made the most of the lovely weather by lounging outside. Plus, there were a few birthdays to celebrate!

Check out what we’ve been up to this month…

April’s Birthdays

It wouldn’t be a monthly round-up if we didn’t talk about some of our birthday celebrations! April started by celebrating Spike’s 1st birthday. We’ve known Spike since he was a tiny pup at Puppy Day, and he’s grown so much in confidence since then! He loves water, zoomies and playing with the other dogs.

Next up, we celebrated two birthdays in one day for the gorgeous Kassie and Rose, who turned 1 and 4, respectively. Thanks so much to their owners for spoiling the pups with cake and lovely treats!

Last week the cutie Arnie turned 1! He’s been with us since he was a pup, and he loves his time with us each week. We hope he had the happiest of birthdays!

Easter Fun

The highlight of April, of course, was Easter. The Easter Bunny hopped on down to our doggy daycare centre and brought some amazing Easter treats for the pups! We also held an Easter raffle for £5, with all proceeds going to Carla Lane Animals In Need. The dogs jumped at the opportunity for a photo with our special visitor!

Our Best April Pictures

Our pups are just so cute and highly photogenic! Whether lazying about in the sun or playing with pals, we love snapping pictures of their shenanigans every month. Check out 8 of our best photos for April below. Want to see more images? Make sure you visit our Instagram page.

If the above images aren’t apparent enough, hanging out at our Liverpool doggy daycare centre is nothing but a blast for our guests! Don’t let your dog miss out on the fun. Call us on 0151 427 2760 or email fayesdoggyboutique@hotmail.com to learn more about our services and inquire about our current availability.