Our Social News Round-up for March

Wednesday 30th March 2022

We’re quickly approaching the end of a new month, which means it’s time for another news round-up! Find out what we’ve done at Faye’s Doggy Boutique this March with our latest social activity…

March was a playful time for the dogs with the weather finally beginning to look brighter. There was plenty of running around outside and even some sunbathing! We’ve also started to get the paddling pools out. Plus, the cutie Pops got his own special bed and we had a few more birthdays to celebrate.

So let’s dive into our March round-up!

Birthday Celebrations

We love starting off these articles by celebrating some of our pooches’ birthdays! We celebrated Connie’s 1st birthday, who we’ve known since she was even tinier than she is now – and she is still just as playful and crazy as ever! She comes to us three days a week and absolutely loves her days with us. She loves all her mates here, Pepper in particular. Thanks so much to her owner for making cakes for all the pups!

We also had a fab day wishing the gorgeous Bella her third birthday. We can’t believe she’s 3 already! The weather was glorious for crazy little Luna’s 1st birthday. Thanks so much for sharing birthday cakes with all the pups!

Pops and His Special Bed

How cute is Pops?! Most of you will have met this gorgeous fella when you pick up or drop off your pooch as he’s in and out throughout the day. Pops now has his own special bed, especially for daycare, made by his talented owner! Can you say relatable much? In the summer you won’t see him as he’ll be outside sunbathing!

March 2022 Gallery

Finally, as always, we like to finish off with a round-up of our best images this month. It’s a tough pick with so many to choose from! But here are just a few of the best snaps we’ve shared on Instagram these last few weeks.