Introducing July’s Dog of The Month at Faye’s Doggy Boutique!

Monday 19th July 2021

At Faye’s Doggy Boutique, we’re so lucky that every week we can welcome the best kind of guests to our doggy daycare centre. While we love all of our pooches, old and new, there can only be one dog of the month! Choosing the king or queen each month is always difficult, but we have finally crowned our winner for July.

So lo and behold, let’s see who is this month’s dog of the month and the worthy runner-ups!

July Dog of the Month

And the winner is… *drum roll*… JOANIE! Joanie is such an amazing dog to be around, and we love seeing her every week. The noise she makes when she knows she’s coming into day care is just great and she absolutely LOVES playing with all of her mates. There isn’t one dog Joanie doesn’t get on with, and she manages to bring all of our new dogs out of their shell. Now that she’s so comfortable with us, she loves a nap in the afternoon – she isn’t moving for anyone when she’s napping!

Well done on winning Joanie! Doesn’t she look amazing in her pink dog of the month bandana?

The Runner-Ups

Picking the winner was by no means an easy feat! We had so many worthy contenders to consider. Here is a very short list of some of our runner-ups…


Effy the English Pointer

Effy is such a bundle of joy who is always so excited to see us. As the picture shows, Effy is so happy to be in day care! Effy’s breed is an English Pointer – which is no surprise given how active they are!


Kyra the Romanian Rescue Dog

We just have to mention one of our amazing newcomers! Kyra recently joined us for a trial and she was just so excited to get stuck in and play. She immediately made great friends with Ryder and the two have played non stop. Kyra is a Romanian rescue dog and her mum told us how much she loved it here – she went home a very sleep doggy!


Lenny the Boxer

How adorable is Lenny please?! The super cute Lenny the Boxer recently visited and we just had to snap this picture of him half-asleep one afternoon!


Hordak the Weimaraner

Say hello to Hordak, a very lively Weimaraner! He’s not as evil as his name might suggest! Hordak has only been with us a short amount of time, but in his first trial session he fitted in straight away and it’s like he’s always been here.

Hero & Stan

Hero & Stan the Labradors

We just have to end with this adorable pair! Hero and Stan are two of the happiest dogs we have the pleasure of looking after. Hero is a Labrador and Stan is a Fox Red Labrador. As Stan’s mum says, he loves visiting us and even screams in the car with excitement as he approaches!

Why doesn’t your dog join in on the fun at Faye’s Doggy Boutique? We would love to welcome them and who knows, they may even be crowned our next dog of the month! Contact us today to book your dog in at our Liverpool doggy day care centre.