How We Continue to Update Our Facilities for Your Dogs

Wednesday 16th December 2020

As we revealed back in September, we’ve recently introduced a new indoor space and astroturf at Faye’s Doggy Boutique. This allowed us to provide more space for your dogs to roam free whether inside or outside and helps us to welcome more pooches to our doggy family. Our expansion doesn’t stop there, however! We’re delighted to reveal more changes that we have just implemented to make our Liverpool doggy daycare centre an even better place for your dogs.

We’ve recently had some work done to our indoor areas to improve it for the pups! We have now added a resin anti-slip flooring so that the venue is much better and safe for the pooches to play on. As well as this, due to us getting so busy at the minute, we have decided to add extra sections across the venue.

We know it’s important that we cater to dogs of different personalities, which we will talk more about further on in this article. We now have 6 different sections, 3 outdoor and 3 indoor! We have added extra sections to ensure that each dog can mingle with a group that is best suited to their temperament. This way, we can keep welcoming dogs of all types and ensure every pooch can enjoy a fun stay with us. We are also in the process of making some improvements to our chill-out room, so stay tuned to see when that is complete – we hope you will like it!

Why It’s Important We Cater to Different Personalities

One of the reasons why we have decided to update our facilities with extra sections is so that we are capable of welcoming dogs of different playstyles and personalities. With a recent increase in demand, we know that it’s likely there’s going to be a clash of personalities.

In keeping the environment fun and safe for all our doggy guests, we are always looking for more ways to go above and beyond. Dogs will react differently to other dogs that they meet based on their personality. This is why we are creating new ways to group certain types of dogs with other pooches that better match their personality. As an example, shy and reserved dogs will better enjoy their time when around similarly quiet dogs, while playful and overexcitable dogs will be best with other energetic pooches.

Here’s a summary of some of the different types of dog temperaments…

  • Shy/Timid: Can appear fearful and standoffish. May require constant reassurance of love and support. Best left to small groups where they can enjoy a safe, comfortable and quiet space.
  • Playful: These dogs love to run around and burn off energy. They enjoy lively activities and fun games. Can get overexcitable and it’s important to train them and keep them entertained.
  • Mischievous: Can often find themselves getting into trouble. Tend to be very curious and best not left alone. May try stealing food or getting to places they shouldn’t be!
  • Assertive: These dogs can appear confident and dominant. They feel comfortable wherever they are and act as leaders. Can be aggressive and possessive.

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